Feltex Foam

Feltex Foam produces a wide range of polyester and polyether flexible, semi-rigid and rigid thermo-formable foams.  Our core competency is the production of automotive & specialised hi-tech industrial application foams in varying densities, dimension, hardness & colours.  Our investment in specialised foaming technology & precision conversion machinery gives us the ability to supply our customers with products of unique quality & exacting standards.

Our products are used in the following industries


  • Flame retardant Foams (Peeled)
    • Laminated to fabric, vinyl & leather which are used in the interior of motor vehicles for seating, headliners & door panels.
  • Flame & adhesive laminatable foams (Peeled)
    • The bonding application to fabrics can be achieved through either flame lamination or adhesive. The foam also acts as the adhesive between fabrics.
  • Rigid foams for headliners
    • Thermo-formable rigid foams that are used in the composite of the headliner for weight, acoustic & rigidity properties.
  • Semi-rigid foams for sunvisors
    • Slow-recovery foams for impact resistance.
  • Mouldable foams
    • Flexible foams that maintain shape & form when moulded under heat.
  • High density foams for NVH applications
    • High density, fine cell foams for Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) applications. These foams are generally used as “fillers” in the vehicle interior.


Hi-tech Industrial

  • Thermal Insulation
    • Rigid foams used in truck bodies, cold rooms, air-conditioning ducting & pipe lagging.
  • Sound Insulation
    • High density, close cell, convoluted foams used for sound absorption.
  • Marine
    • Low density, high hardness foams for boating interiors.
  • Packaging & Protection
  • Footwear
    • Polyester foams laminated to the inner soles.
  • Apparel
    • Low density polyester foams used for shoulder pads & bra cups.