Tufted Carpet

Futuris Feltex specializes in the manufacture of acoustically engineered tufted carpets for use as automotive main floor carpet and overlay mats. Overlay mats – A variety of products are available in  fine gauge tufted  BCF Nylon, twisted Nylon, and Polypropylene  with backing systems engineered for acoustic and non slip properties. Product is supplied in roll…


LFT Under Shields

Autoneum Feltex produces body panelling made of glass fibre and reinforced polypropylene.  The engine under shield closes the engine compartment on the underside, creating an optical capsule for the observer from above and restricts the entry of dirt, stones or debris objects from underneath.

Main Floor Carpets

Feltex Automotive Trim uses nonwoven and cut pile carpeting as   A-surface raw materials for the moulded carpets. To enhance the functionality of the carpet Feltex can add nonwoven felt as stiffeners or insulation, mould foam insulation directly to the carpets, add heavy layers, and many other applications to meet the customer specifications in terms of…