Trunk Trim

Feltex Automotive Trim manufactures all built in and removable trunk or boot trimmings for major vehicle brands and models. The quality levels achieved with the interior cabin trimmings also extend to the trunk area to ensure the acoustic specifications are met and functionality and durability is always a key consideration.

Parcel Shelves (Supported & Unsupported)

Feltex Automotive Trim guarantees the highest accuracy in production tolerances to ensure fitment is perfect. Our quality control ensures durability and even extends to consideration of the vehicle acoustics. Our extensive knowledge of vehicle specs across the spectrum of OEMs ensures constant improvement and development to provide the end user with a fantastic driving experience.

Sun Visors

The Feltex Trim division at our plant in East London handles the production of sun visors for the majority of motor vehicle manufacturers in South Africa. This is a highly specialised and labour intensive process that requires the highest quality materials to meet the varying and strict Customer requirements. Every item is put through a…

Seat Back Trim

Feltex Automotive Trim provides trimmings for all major brand motor vehicle seats. From concept through implementation we deliver products that result in vehicle interiors that constantly meet consumer preference and vehicle manufacturer requirements in quality, colour and material finish.

Heat Shields

Heat shields produced from aluminium and aluminized steel in embossed or smooth material or double layer with insulation material. The primary requirement of a heat shield is for it to be highly reflective towards the heat source in order to repel as much infrared away from the vehicle structure as possible. The construction of a…

Engine compartment insulation

Feltex Automotive Trim manufactures engine compartment insulators such as bonnet liners and outer dash insulators for major vehicle brands and models. The quality levels achieved with the interior cabin trimmings also extend to the engine compartment areas to ensure the acoustic specifications are met at all times and functionality is a key consideration. Engine Compartment…

Tunnel Insulators

Feltex Automotive Trim employs its knowledge in NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) technology to create the maximum level of comfort and to assist in cabin acoustics. Feltex Automotive Trim has the expertise, in conjunction with our technolgy partners, to create and constantly improve on solutions to meet the required levels of acoustic control. This needs the highest level…