Auria Feltex (Pty) Ltd

Auria Feltex (Pty) Ltd is a joint venture company with Auria Solutions 51% and KAP Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd 49%. The company manufactures both soft trim and hard trim automotive products.

Soft trim products include acoustically engineered tufted automotive carpet, and heavy layer insulators for both the local and export markets. These products range from carpets for automotive moulding and overlay carpet mats, to heavy layer insulators for vehicle noise reduction applications. Auria Feltex soft trim business is designed as a second tier supplier for vertical integration within the moulding plants both locally and abroad. Auria Feltex is equipped with tufting machines, pile binder application – coupled to a stenter oven, and specialised facilities for direct extrusion and inline addition of backing systems for all automotive barrier and absorptive applications.

Hard Trim products include fabric wrapped A, B and C pillar posts that are supplied directly to the OEM. Auria Feltex is equipped with hot melt application and laminating machines.

Auria Feltex strive to continually meet customer expectations by employing innovative technologies, and believe in creating sustainable long term partnerships to deliver win-win opportunities for all involved.