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Feltex™ Automotive Trim

Feltex™ Automotive Trim (Trim) is a leading supplier of automotive insulation, acoustic and trim components.  All of our factories that supply the automotive industry are accredited with IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 45000.  These certifications highlight our commitment to quality, the environment and the welfare of our people.

Non-woven textile production:

From the head office campus in Durban, Trim produces a wide range of nonwoven textiles, such as low weight needle punched scrims, flat needlepunch carpet or random velour carpets.  Various thermobonded felts are also manufactured such as phenolic resin felt, glass reinforced felts, TechfleeceTM and thermoplastic felts.  All textiles are primarily manufactured for mouldable automotive applications and are delivered to our conversion plants around the country.  To ensure waste is minimized, offcut materials are collected and returned to Durban for recycling.


From its factories direct to the customers, Trim manufactures main floor carpets, passenger compartment insulation, trunk trim packages, engine compartment insulation, parcel shelves and exterior wheel arch liners.  Technical knowhow is developed internally and supported by technology and licensing agreements with global leaders in automotive trim components.   To provide JIS / JIT service to its customers, Trim has conversion plants in Rosslyn, Silverton (opens Sept 2021), Garankuwa, Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London.  In order to meet the tough demands of the automotive industry the focus in each plant is on customer service through quality parts, lean manufacturing and on-time delivery.

Engine Compartment Insulation

Feltex™ Automotive Trim manufactures engine compartment insulators such as bonnet liners and outer dash insulators. High-quality levels are essential for engine compartment areas to ensure acoustic specifications and functionality.  Engine Compartment insulation requires high-performance raw materials to reduce interior and exterior noise, whilst resisting high temperatures, vehicle fluids and water.  These raw materials such as phenolic resin felts, glass felts, lightweight foam and lightweight scrims are produced at Feltex.

Engine compartment insulation requires high-performance materials to reduce interior and exterior noise while resisting high temperatures and vehicle fluids.

Tunnel Insulators

Feltex™ Automotive Trim employs its knowledge in NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) technology to create the maximum level of comfort and to assist in vehicle acoustics.

This expertise, in conjunction with our technology partners, are put use in the manufacture of key acoustic components such as tunnel insulators.  Basic materials for these parts are manufactured at Feltex. 

Wheel Arch Liners

Using in-house developed and produced “Techfelt”, Trim manufactures exterior wheel arch liners.  The material is well suited to the rigors and demands of the exterior of the vehicle.  In addition to being robust, the product has excellent acoustic properties. Offcut material from the moulding process is recycled.

Main Floor Carpets

Using technology developed in-house or from our partners, Trim uses nonwoven and tufted carpets as basic raw materials for the moulded carpets. To enhance the functionality of the carpet, Feltex™ can add nonwoven felts, moulded foam insulation, heavy layers, and many other applications to meet the customer specifications in terms of styling, acoustics and fitment.


Parcel Shelves

Given the location of these parts, Trim guarantees the highest accuracy in production tolerances to ensure fitment is perfect. Our capability to manufacture the basic nonwoven materials such as Glass/PP fibre blends ensure customer requirements are met.   

Dash & Floor Insulators

Trim manufactures passenger compartment insulators for both the dash and the cabin floor.  To meet the acoustic specification of our customers, these products are built using in-house developed technology or with support from technical partners.  Final products are made with raw materials such as “techfelt”, thermo bonded felt, foam and heavy layer. 



Trunk Trim

Trim manufactures wheelhouse liners, trunk lid trim (decklids) and trunk floor mats (made from honeycomb, compressed glass/PP felts or hardboard).  Topping material as well as carrier material is produced at Feltex.

Seat Back Trim

Trim provides various textiles for motor vehicle seats. From concept through implementation we deliver products that are used directly in the seat pad foaming as well as on the back of seats.