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Autoneum Feltex™ (Pty) Ltd

Autoneum Feltex™ (Pty) Ltd opened its doors as a joint venture between Autoneum International AG and KAP Automotive (Pty) Ltd in 1998. Autoneum International AG is a 51% shareholder and KAP Automotive (Pty) Ltd 49%. This joint venture involves the production or under-floor systems for thermal and impact protection.

Research, Design & Engineering

From concept to manufacture Autoneum Automotive Systems anticipates, designs and develops new products to meet the needs of a constantly moving automotive industry. Whether the issue be acoustic or thermal, Autoneum Automotive Systems has the capabilities to analyse and develop raw materials, sets of parts, products, solutions, systems and modules through a network of specialised know-how that can be activated when and where necessary.


Autoneum Feltex™ makes use of South African tooling manufacturers or its international affiliates, which use state of the art equipment, to ensure 100% quality of tooling. Repairs and modification to tooling can be performed in-house.

Heat Shields

Heat shields produced from aluminium and aluminized steel, in embossed or smooth material, or double layer with insulation material. The primary requirement of a heat shield is for it to be highly reflective towards the heat source in order to repel as much infrared away from the vehicle structure as possible. The construction of a heat shield is also important as the convection of the surrounding air can be exploited for cooling the heat shield as much as possible. Heat shields protect the passenger compartment, petrol tank and electrical cabling.

LFT Under-Shields

Autoneum Feltex™ produces body panelling made of glass fibre and reinforced polypropylene. The engine under-shield closes the engine compartment on the underside, creating an optical capsule for the observer from above, and restricts the entry of dirt, stones or debris objects from underneath.