Feltex Fehrer (Pty) Ltd

Feltex Fehrer (Pty) Ltd is a joint venture company with F.S. Fehrer Automotive of Germany (26%) and Feltex Holdings (Pty) Ltd (74%), also having a technical collaboration agreement with Johnson Controls Europe to produce pour in place headrests.

Feltex Fehrer (Pty) Ltd utilises cold cure and hot cure production technologies to produce seat pads utilising MDI and TDI chemistries as well as for pour in place applications.

Polyurethane flexible foam (PUR) is the number one seat pad material for vehicle seats thanks to its excellent physical properties and flexibility. Feltex Fehrer (Pty) Ltd manufactures PUR foams using its own formulations which mean that crucial customer criteria such as raw density, hardness, cell structure, suspension characteristics and shock absorption properties can be achieved.

Moulded seat pads as a core component of a seat are the direct and closest connection between the passenger and the car. Its design and level of comfort contribute to the personality of the vehicle model and convey quality to the passenger.

The Feltex Fehrer (Pty) Ltd product range includes: